Softron OnTheAir Node 4

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Softron OnTheAir Node 4

OnTheAir Node comprises the center-piece of Softron’s client/server architecture for the OnTheAir Suite.

OnTheAir Node can be installed on a Mac that will output the video using a PCI or Thunderbolt video I/O device. In addition to outputting the video, it communicates to OnTheAir Live or OnTheAir Manager to establish what the available video outputs/inputs are and what media are available. OnTheAir Node uses the same video engine as OnTheAir Video which has proven over the years to be extremely reliable. OnTheAir Node provides the capability to control these engines via TCP/IP, meaning you can even control your playout while on the road..

OnTheAir Live and OnTheAir Manager communicate directly with OnTheAir Node. It can be installed on the same computer that has OnTheAir Node or it can be installed on a laptop, an iMac or another less powerful computer in a control room.(OnTheAir Node is typically installed on a Mac in the server room.) As its name implies, OnTheAir Live is aimed at live production but also has some special features such as A/B Roll playlists and Cue Mode. OnTheAir Live is bundled for free with OnTheAir Node and you can control as many nodes as you want from one OnTheAir Live application.

OnTheAir Manager is a paid software that you will need if you intend to schedule OnTheAir Node playout for 24/7 unattended playout.

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