Panasonic AW-RP150GJ Intuitive Camera Control

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Panasonic AW-RP150GJ – Intuitive Camera Control for Ease of Use and One-Person Operation

A ZOOM/FOCUS rocker mounted on the joystick manages pan and tilt operations for zoom and focus control and intuitive single-handed operation. The built-in touch display allows for easy and quick operation of all essential camera functions.

Panasonic AW-RP150GJ – FEATURES

Easy Usability
Touch Panel GUI for High-quality Operability and Visibility

Quick Operation
Touch Focus Function Equipped
Smooth Creation of Cropped Images

Easy Control
Camera Settings Copied to Multiple Cameras
Preset Memory for Simple Camera Control
Tracing Memory for Memory and Recall of Camera Operations
Multiple-camera Connection Supported for Large-scale Systems

Touch Panel GUI for High-Quality Operability and Visibility
The touch panel GUI monitor supports camera image display during shooting as well as a variety of operations. The panel is equipped only with buttons that are frequently used, with menu and camera switching operations, indicators and other functions consolidated in the touch panel GUI.

Smooth Creation of Cropped Images
The cropping function loaded on the AW-UE150W/K can be controlled from the AW-RP150GJ. Images output from the AW-UE150W/K to the monitor can be cropped in three different locations displayed with colored frames (yellow/green/magenta), and fine-tuned with the joystick as you watch. Required images can be cropped precisely and simply.

Touch Focus Function Equipped
The focus is quickly aligned to the area touched by tapping the screen. In addition, the Focus in Red display assists with aligning focus by framing the part that is in-focus in red.

Preset Memory for Simple Camera Control
Registration of the camera angle and other remote camera settings allows them to be easily recalled from the touch panel GUI monitor. The movement speed for play back the preset memory can be set by the specified speed or time.

Panasonic AW-RP150GJ

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