Lynx CHD 1802-1 HDMI to SDI Converter

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Lynx CHD 1802-1 is a compact HDMI to SDI converter It is an ideal solution for any application which requires a broadcast quality SDI signal derived from an external HDMI source. Any audio present in the HDMI stream will be embedded into the corresponding channels on the SDI output.

The module is also compatible with the yelloGUI software package, which provides access to a host of additional internal settings Technical Specifications.

An SDI fiber output is also provided with a variety of plug in SFP options available.

Note: For legal reasons, HDMI conversion products from LYNX Technik AG are designed not to capture, convert or transmit video or audio from HDCP copy-protected sources (e.g. Satellite receivers, Cable receivers, Blu Ray Players etc.)

Supports SD/HD/3G -SDI formats
3D support
2 x SDI outputs
Optional SDI fiber output
HDMI embedded audio passed transparently
HDMI present LED indication
yelloGUI compatible to access additional internal settings

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