Kiloview Link Deck

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Kiloview Link Deck

Kiloview Link Deck, spesifikasjon:


LinkDeck Control Panel, Your Personal Workbench
Kiloview LinkDeck Series is the product set to centrally link and control all the Kiloview hardware and software. Link Deck is based on RTC technology which allows doing whatever you want.

Both Presenting real-time high-quality content on Panel Deck and customizing user settings & display, LinkDeck helps to manage the whole Kiloview ecosystem including NDI ONAIR / NDI CORE / KIS / NDI RECORDER / NDI Encoder / NDI Decoder / Multiview / KiloLink Server.

By developing a 3rd-party plug-in based on Python, Linkdeck even allows interaction with systems like TriCaster and vMix.

One Cable to Have It All​
LinkDeck is an IP-based solution that really helps to safe and stable transmission. All the control and management can be all set and done by only one single PoE cable.

Modular Design Brings Huge Scalability
It consists of five unique design decks including the Panel Deck, the Take Deck, the Zoom deck, the KIS Deck, and the PTZ Deck. Each deck can combinate freely to create an exclusive workbench with fully customized content. This unique design also offers Easy assembly and installation for your best user experiences.

Panel Deck – All Under Control
The Panel Deck, equipped with a 10.1” touch screen and a bi-color LED keyboard, provides the easiest way of operation and the biggest pleasure of user experience. 10.1” screen allows you to customize whatever product you want to control.

Both soft keys and physical keys make everything under control. DC and PoE power also helps it to rule and be the power source of all the other Decks

LinkDeck Parameters

Model No. Tech Specs
Panel Deck DP-01 Display 10.1″ multitouch LCD screen
Resolution 1920 x 1200
Keyboard 24 keys(Bi-color tally)
CPU 8-core CPU
Memory 2GB
FLASH Storage 16GB
Video Output 1 x HDMI output up to 1080P60
Intenet Input 1GbE port with PoE
Power Supply DC5.5/2.5 12V
HDMI Port 1
Key 24, user-defined keys
USB Port 7×Type-C 2.0
DC Port Single DC5.5/2.1
Dimension / Weight 6.65lb/285.33*260.00*110.10mm(11.2″x10.2″x4.3″)
Operating Temperature -20℃~45℃
KIS Deck DK-01 Audio 1 × microphone(3 pin)
1 × headphone(5 pin)
2 × Line in/out(3 pin)
USB Port 1 × Type-C 2.0
Intenet Input 1 × RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet port,PoE supported
Volume Wheel 1
Keys 3
Built-in Speaker 1
Three-way Switch 1
Dimension / Weight 3.52lb / 260.00*130.00*59.54mm(10.2″x5.1″x2.3″)
PTZ Deck DQ-01 USB 2 × USB Type -C 2.0
Key 1
Control Knob 3
Joystick 1
Tally 3(2 in white,1 in RGB based on settings)
Dimension / Weight 3.30lb/ 260.00*130.00*107.45mm(10.2″x5.1″x4.2″)
Zoom Deck DZ-01 Keys 13
ZOOM Rocker 1
USB 2 ×Type-C 2.0
Dimension / Weight 3.04lb/260.00*130.00*53.68mm (10.2″x5.1″x2.1″)
Take Deck DT-01 USB 2 × Type-C 2.0
Keys 13
T Stick 1
Dimension / Weight 3.22lb/ 260.00*130.00*74.00mm(10.2″x5.1″x2.9″)


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