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1x Lantern Soft-box 90cm
1x Fabric Barn Doors
1x carrying Bag
1x User Manual

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SMALLRIG 3932 RA-L90 LANTERN SOFTBOX spesifikasjoner:

A versatile lantern-shaped soft light accessory with 90cm diameter, perfect for use of: Living streaming, V-log, Wedding, Documentary film, Character interview, Speech hosting, Course recording. With COB Light to create a better soft light effect.

The 270°beam angle and industrial grade soft fabric bring you a more even and softer light effect.

Universal Bowens mount design, makes it compatible with SmallRig RC 120D/ RC 120B/ RC 220D/ RC220B and other Bowens Mount Light.

The new generation of self-developed quick installation design, the diffusion and the frame are combined into one, and the installation and disassembly can be completed in seconds, simplify the use process, bring you the best user experience.

The flexible barn doors feature with hook and loop fasteners can support more lighting layout options.


  • RA-L90 adopts high-performance soft-light fabric and high-reflective coating, while presenting high-quality light source light effects, it creates a 360° spherical and large-scale uniform soft-light effect
  • The integrated design of multiple velcro to fix the umbrella bone and soft light cloth, block light and shading, and bottom chuck, ready to use, installation in one step, no worries about the skeleton shift problem.
  • The bottom hook is lengthened and widened to assist in positioning and precise installation, solved the problem of the wrong direction of the bottom hook during installation and more sufficient to install and disassemble
  • 12-pole supporting umbrella rib is made of stainless steel in the field of military umbrellas.
    It is lighter and tougher than ordinary stainless steel umbrella ribs, high elasticity, and high temperature resistance.
    It saves 3 times the installation effort and can withstand tens of thousands of times without deformation
  • Standard black skirt, four pages of light-shielding and shading can be selected freely, which can flexibly respond to the needs of a variety of scenes
  • The diameter of the soft box is 90cm, Create a larger area and a wider range of soft light effect


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