Skaarhoj XPoint 48 w/NKK buttons and Blue Pill Inside

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Skaarhoj XPoint 48 w/NKK buttons and Blue Pill Inside

Skaarhoj XPoint 48 w/NKK buttons and Blue Pill Inside, spesifikasjon:


XPoint48 with NKK buttons and Blue Pill Inside is a perfect module to combine with other controllers for example our Air Fly Pro. Find the controllers that fits your need and put them together – our panels have magnetic endplates and will easily snap together.

The NKK buttons gives you an accurate control in a high pasted environment. Four-way buttons allows you to have a multi layer setup and this gives you unlimited number of parameters on a single controller.

This product comes with our powerful Blue Pill Inside. Blue Pill technology allows our panels to connect with third party devices providing bespoke control environment. Blue Pill not only brings the power of multi vendor connectivity it is also simple to set up.

All Blue Pill enabled panels gives you access to Reactor which is a web-based user interface where you can easily configure, maintain and simulate your control system.


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