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The combination of a mirrorless camera with a short flange back focal length and a wide-angle lens minimizes the drawback of the asymmetrical retro-focus type lens, thereby enabling the design of advanced specifications to achieve high performance, small size and light weight.

Development intentions

• Large-aperture wide-angle lens of one class above
The LEICA DG SUMMILUX 12mm / F1.4 ASPH. is a high-performance, large-aperture lens. It is a performance-oriented lens developed to satisfy the needs and wants of photography enthusiasts. Being a single-focus lens, it offers a large diameter of F1.4, excellent image rendering capability in compliance with Leica’s optical standards, a smooth-operating aperture ring and focus ring, and a high-grade metal housing. This premium lens provides the joy of ownership. It was developed for enthusiasts who want to take pictures that are one class above.

• Wide-ranging expression
The wide angle of 24 mm in 35mm camera equivalent provides a wide angle of view and yields an image that is four times the area obtained with a standard 50mm lens. This lens is especially useful for capturing images of sweeping landscapes, night scenes and high-rise structures in a city. The lens allows the photographer to achieve unique and intended photographic expression by adjusting the camera angle and by taking advantage of perspective and deformation effects. Not only the wide angle of view but also the diversity of usage makes this large-aperture F1.4 lens very practical. It lets you take pictures in a dimly lit room or get very close to the subject to draw on the bokeh and emphasize the subject against the background to achieve a greater three-dimensional effect. You can use this lens in a variety of shooting situations.

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