Panasonic AW-SF100Z Auto Tracking

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Panasonic AW-SF100Z Auto Tracking

Add an auto-tracking update to your Panasonic AW-UE150, UE100, UE70, HE42, HE40, or HE38 PTZ camera with this AW-SF100 Auto Tracking PTZ Software Key from Panasonic is the activation code needed to continue using the Auto Tracking Software once its trial period expires. The activation code is delivered electronically.

Suitable for classrooms, events, symposiums, or any situation where you want a camera to automatically follow a subject, the Auto Tracking PTZ Software provides a variety of useful features, such as the ability to single out your subject’s face and have the camera track it as they move. Motion detection takes over when your subject’s face is not visible, allowing the camera to still track your subject. All this is accomplished without the need for your subject to wear a sensor.

In addition to having the camera track your subject so they’re always in frame, you can also set area ranges and pan/tilt limits that allow the subject to walk through the frame without the camera following their every move. You can also mask off parts of the frame so that movement in that area (region of interest) is ignored and doesn’t interfere with the camera’s movement. Install the software on a PC connected to the same network to automate your PTZ camera’s movements.


– Works with Panasonic AW-UE150, UE100, UE70, HE42, HE40, and HE38 PTZ cameras.
– The software must be installed on a computer that is on the same network as the camera.
– Automated tracking uses two technologies:

  • Facial Recognition: Enables you to register a face in the software, so the software can detect and track that face
  • Motion Detection: Allows the camera to follow the subject, even if they turn their face so it’s not visible
– There is no need for the subject to wear a sensor to be tracked, as the software handles all necessary processing to control the camera.
– Tracking sensitivity and the pan/tilt range can be set in the software.
– Built-in masking allows you to define the areas that are ignored by the tracking software.


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