Panasonic AV-UHS500EJ 4K Video Production Switcher

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Panasonic AV-UHS500EJ – Achieving 4K Video Production with a Compact, Versatile Switcher

Panasonic AV-UHS500EJ is feature-rich, multi-format switcher for 4K and HD productions extends Panasonic’s legacy of producing high-quality, reliable switchers.With its compact, integrated body, this live switcher is equipped with many functions found in high end models and delivers 4K video production with the same operability as HD.

In addition to fixed installations such as university lecture halls and corporate conference rooms, the AV-UHS500 is well suited for remote production. Designed for easy portability and simple set up it should become a favorite tool for staging and other event production.

Panasonic AV-UHS500EJ – FEATURES

Flexible Scalability
12G-SDI/3G-SDI/HDMI Support
UHD/HD Multi-Format Support
Frame Synchronizer for All Inputs
Eight Standard SDI Inputs, Two Standard HDMI Inputs
Five Standard SDI Outputs, Two Standard HDMI Outputs
Various Built-in Conversion Functions, Including Up/Down Conversion

Effects to Enhance Your Creativity
Versatile Transitions and Effects
Five Keyers
Four AUX Buses, DSK 1 and 2 Can Also Be Assigned
Video Memory
Various Memory Functions for Smooth Live Production
Animation Wipe
Clip Converter
Supports TSL5.0
SDHC/SDXC Memory Card Slot
PTZ Camera Control Function
Two MultiViewer Functions
ROI (Region of Interest) Function
GUI Menu Screen Examples
Audio Source Selection Function

Operability Enhanced
178 mm (7 inches) LCD Monitor with Excellent Visibility and Easy-to-Use Control Panel
Expandable with a Variety of Functions as Required Using Five Optional Units

Exceptional Support for Mixed 4K and HD Operation

12G-SDI/3G-SDI/HDMI Support
12G-SDI that can transmit 4K video with as single coaxial cable is supported as standard, and it provides easy setup and operation with high quality 4K video production. In addition, HDMI support allows direct input of data from a PC for live production such as during seminars and lectures without the need for a separate HDMI converter.

UHD/HD Multi-Format Support
Multiple 4K/3G/HD formats are supported, including 2160/59.94p and 1080/59.94p.

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