Panasonic AJ-PX5100GJ High-End ENG Camera Recorder

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Panasonic AJ-PX5100GJ – High-End ENG Camera Recorder with HDR Acquisition and RTSP/RTMP Streaming/Transmission

In addition to high sensitivity 2/3 type 3MOS image sensors and FHD/60p/50p AVC-ULTRA codec, Panasonic AJ-PX5100GJ newly supports HDR (HLG) recording and RTMPS on-air streaming. This high-end ENG camera recorder fits the multiple usage of the broadcast workflow.

Panasonic AJ-PX5100GJ – FEATURES

High Picture Quality
High Sensitivity, Low Noise 2/3 type 3MOS Image Sensors
HDR Compliant (HLG “Hybrid Log-Gamma”)
FHD Image Acquisition by High-Quality AVC-ULTRA Codecs
HD/SD Multi-Image Format
Reliable Recording Media: P2 Card/microP2 Card

Advanced Network Functions
Easy-to-Use Single Dongle, Flexible Network Connection
RTMP/RTSP Compatible Full-HD Streaming
P2 Cast

Versatile Broadcast Functions
High-Quality Camera Functions for Various Situations
Monitor/Status Display, QHD High-Resolution Color LCD
Shooting Assist Functions and Easy Operability
P2 Card/microP2 Card 2×2 Slot
Versatile Recording Functions
High-Quality 24-bit Four Channel Audio Recording
3G SDI In/Out and Other Versatile Connectors
Versatile IP/iPad Remote Control Compatibility

High Sensitivity, Low Noise 2/3 type 3MOS Image Sensors
The 2.2 megapixel 2/3 type 3MOS (RGB) image sensors offer full-pixel HD (1920 x 1080) resolution, F12 (59.94 Hz) or F13 (50 Hz) sensitivity, and low noise with an S/N of 62 dB (with DNR ON). It also achieves rich gradation and vibrant color reproduction.

HDR Compliant (HLG “Hybrid Log-Gamma”)
In addition to being equipped with HLG* images, the following functions assist HLG image acquisition.

SDR Monitoring Gamma: Gamma curves for monitoring HLG images with the SDR viewfinder or other SDR monitor. These gamma curves possess characteristics for expressing the gradation in high-brightness area while maintaining the contrast of ordinary-brightness area.
HDR/SDR Simultaneous Output: Dual SDI can output both HDR (HLG) and SDR (monitoring gamma) simultaneously.
One-Push HLG Selector for Viewfinder: While the viewfinder display with monitoring gamma ordinary, the gradation of high-brightness area can be checked by selecting HLG temporarily.
High-Brightness Zebra Display: The zebra pattern can be displayed in white-out areas of the viewfinder image.

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