Osee LCM240-E – 24inch Post Production/DIT Monitor – Osee Monitor

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Centered on a 10-bit wide gamut IPS panel, OSEE LCM240-E is designed for post production. The LCM240-E displays DCI-P3, REC 2020 and REC 709 color space. The monitor accepts two SDI inputs; one HDMI input and loop out on each SDI respectively.

Undergone rigorous calibration by Calman in house the LCM240-E is capable of rendering accurate color. The LCM240-E brags to have a nearly 100% DCI-P3 color space, and its wide color gamut allows you to make full use of your camera’s wide gamut without clipping.

The LCM240-E is integrated with 10 pre-loaded camera de-log LUTs and can display correct video that is shot in log thus avoiding the flat images. In addition the monitor is also pre-loaded with 4 film stock LUTs that can be replaced by User LUTs at customer’s discretion.

​The LCM240-E provides variety of tools to help you assure you have perfect exposure setup. False color, Zebra, and Waveform (Luma, RGB Parade and Histogram) are major means to help set your exposure properly.

The LCM240-E can properly restore the video shot by anamorphic lens. It can work with a camera without internal anamorphic de-squeeze to support 1.3x and 2x anamorphic lens.

When in the studio production or on DIT cart, OSEE LCM240-E is equipped with sun hood with 4-side enclosure to best eliminate the impact of ambient lights and for ease of use on DIT cart the monitor can also be run on battery either on V-mount or AB mount.

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