NewTek 4 Stripe Control Panel

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NewTek 4 Stripe Control Panel connect you to the systems, devices, software, and sources that form your interconnected production environment. Pairing the 4-Stripe Control Panel or 2-Stripe Control Panel with the Video Mix Engine across your network, you have consummate control of the most sophisticated productions under the most demanding of circumstances.

Expertly Engineered
Meticulously crafted for performance and style, NewTek IP Series Control Panels combine the comprehensive functionality, precision controls, premium hardware mechanics, and ergonomic design that operators demand with the visually arresting aesthetic that executives covet.

Functionally Sound
Responsive, multi-bus operation of any Video Mix Engine on the network with independently assignable control stripes
Intuitive, multi-source video mixing with dynamic LCD label displays and per-stripe access to all Video Mix Engine crosspoints via delegate banks
Decisive, manual control of multiple functions with multi-mode T-bars supporting variable illumination, and multi-purpose 3-axis joysticks
Inclusive command of real-time video operations, including convenient, fingertip access to media, COMPs, MEMs, and macros

NewTek 4 Stripe Control Panel Tech Specs

4 x panel stripes independently configurable for switcher, M/E, PREVIZ, or matrix router operation
Dynamic LCD crosspoint label displays
Support for bank, layer, and key delegation
Support for multi-engine control

72 x crosspoints per stripe
(24 buttons with 3 delegate banks)

Direct panel access to VMC1 Video Mix Engine COMP Bin presets

Macro mode and number pads supporting attachment and activation of user-configured macros

2 x media player control keypads with player delegation and command buttons

Direct panel access to VMC1 Video Mix Engine switcher and M/E MEMs

4 x multi-mode T-Bars (1 per stripe) with dynamically variable illumination and support for BKGD video layer and key layer delegation

  • Fade
  • Transition
  • Fade to Black
  • LiveSet™ Zoom

2 x multi-mode joysticks (3-axis) supporting stripe, layer, and key delegation

  • Position/Scale
  • Rotate
  • Crop
  • LiveSet virtual camera control
  • PTZ camera control
  • Media player shuttle

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