Marshall CV355-30X-NDI 30X Zoom NDI® Camera

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Marshall CV355-30X-NDI 30X Zoom NDI® Camera

The Marshall CV355-30X-NDI 30X optical zoom NDI® camera utilizes a professional grade 8.5-megapixel sensor to capture crisp HD video up to 1920x1080p at 60fps with support for all HD formats. Marshall’s straight forward design and ease of use make this camera a valuable tool in a wide variety of broadcast and professional A/V applications.

30X Optical Zoom
The 30X optical zoom block offers an extensive zoom range from 4.6mm to 135mm starting at 68° all the way out to 3° horizontal angle-of-view for maintaining image crispness from ultra-wide to tight shots.

NDI® Workflow
To keep your productions looking great NDI® preserves visual quality, frame accuracy, and source synchronization. NDI® also opens up a wide range of NDI® Tools available to make your new camera easily discoverable, controllable, adjustable, and consumable into NDI® workflows.

Low-light Sensitivity
The CV355-30X-NDI operates with exceptional low-light sensitivity, ensuring a clear picture in variable and challenging lighting conditions, including live events, houses of worship, indoor or outdoor sporting events, and other dynamic lighting environments.

NDI® Network
Ideal for use in NDI® networked and A/V installations, the CV355-30X-NDI offers the convenience of NDI®|HX, 3G/HDSDI and HDMI simultaneous outputs with stereo audio embedding.

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