Kiloview Multiview Pro Windows

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Kiloview Multiview Pro Windows

Kiloview Multiview Pro Windows, spesifikasjon:


Multiview Pro

What is Kiloview Multiview Pro?
Multiview Pro is the upgraded professional version of Kiloview Multiview Player delivering centralized management of multiple NDI© streams with monitoring and real-time switching.

It allows adding unlimited NDI sources for monitoring through on-premise NDI servers or Discovery Server. Multiview Pro supports decoding multiple channels of Full NDI, NDI|HX2 & NDI|HX3 video streams from any vendor in resolutions up to 4K 60p to your display (Max 20 channels per window), PC HDMI port or via NDI.

Multiview Pro is now available on macOS.

Server Based, Full Control From Anywhere
Based on Web Technology, our brand new Multiview Pro is the only Multiviewer that can receive and output video sources virtually to achieve the functions of both server-based and cloud-based video monitoring and switching.

It allows any user on the same network access by scanning a QR code or via a browser URL, including mobile devices. It’s the perfect match for our new Panel Deck or any advanced application to make the impossible possible.


Features Kiloview Multiview Pro
NDI compatibility Full NDI/NDI | HX2/3 (both HD/4K supported)
Toolbar Supported
Project Production Supported
Multi-screen Split Supported
PIP Supported
Multi-screen Display Supported
Main/Sub streams self-adaption Supported
Tally Signal Supported
VU Meters Supported
Safe area, Center cross Supported
NDI Discovery Server Supported
Manual Adding NDI Source Supported
Management Web/KiloLink Server
Operating OS Windows/Linux/macOS
System requirements Recommended
Storage 1TB SSD
CPU i7-11700 or 8 cores 16 threads CPU
Memory 32GB DDR4 RAM
Network Adapter Intel X520-DA2 or 10G dual SFP+ NIC

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