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Part of the ADDERLink® X-DVI PRO range, the high performance X-DVI PRO digital video and USB extender enables you to locate your critical computing hardware in a secure and temperature controlled environment. Uncompressed digital video and audio is distributed in real-time and with zero latency, allowing the user to maintain an at-the-PC experience. The USB 2.0 interface ensures compatibility with a wide range of USB devices.

  • Pixel-perfect digital video with real time control: using uncompressed video extension; no visible artefacts or latency are introduced allowing you to be certain of quality and control
  • Analog audio Stereo CD quality: Stereo channel 16bit sampled at 44.1kHz to transfer audio from local to remote for line out
  • Distribution up to 50m over a single CATx cable: video, USB 2.0 (Low and Full speed) and audio all pass along a single cable, providing up to 50m of extension (distance dependent upon video resolution, CATx cable type, and number of connection intervals)
  • Connect any USB interface device: utilizing a unique method of USB communication, the ADDERLink X-DVIPRO extenders deliver the highest possible levels of USB compatibility. All USB 1.1 and 2.0 low/full speed devices are supported.
  • HDMI video and audio extension capabilities: Digital audio for 8 channels of HDMI audio, supported simultaneously to analog audio

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  • Delivers uncompressed digital video with audio
  • USB 2.0 Low and Full speed connection: to interface with a range of devices
  • Exact content seen on the local monitor is distributed: up to 50m over a single CATx cable
  • Energy efficient design: external power supplies are not needed