Adder RD1716 XX

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Adder RD1716 XX

Adder RD1716 XX, spesifikasjon:


The ADDERView RDX 1000 is a complete server room solution with local and remote management.

The 1U keyboard tray is available in most keyboard language layouts and features either a 17 inch or 19 inch premium quality Samsung SXGA 1280 x 1024 TFT LCD panel with touch-pad control and advanced OSD for device selection.

Control 16 computers directly from the tray together with a remote user. Expands to support up to 256 computers using CATx 1000 switches.

Video Modes

Support for standard PC, Sun and Mac video modes.

Hardware compatibility

Video, mouse and keyboard for PC, Sun, Mac, RS/6000, Alpha and SGI computers using PS/2, USB or Sun flash upgradable Computer Access Modules (CAMs).

OS compatibility

Operates with all currently known software and operating systems including all Windows versions, DOS, Linux, Unix, BSD, all Sun OS, all Mac OS and NetWare.

Extendable platform

Cascade a CATx 1000 to extend the system to 256 computers.


16 CATx computer connections: all RJ45 style. 1 CATx for remote connection.
Power connection: Locking 3 pin connector (12V DC, 5A).
RS232 triggered power switching and syncing: DB9 plug.

Physical design

Compact 1U high metal case construction for rack mounting
Width: 589mm/17.4″, Height: 44mm/1.76″, Depth: 650mm/25.6″.
Weight: RD1716xx 15kg/33lbs, RD1916xx 17Kg/37lbs.

Power supply

Mains adaptor with IEC style power lead (included).
Input: 100-240VAC 0.5A 50-60Hz
Output: 12VDC 5A

Operating temperature

0 – 35 deg C

Order Codes

RD1716-XX: RDX 1000 IP with 17 inch monitor
RD1916-XX: RDX 1000 IP with 19 inch monitor

XX = Keyboard type + Mains Lead Country Code:
UK = English Keyboard + UK IEC
US = US English keyboard + USA IEC
IT = Italian keyboard + Euro IEC
AUS = English keyboard + AUS IEC
ES = Spanish keyboard +Euro IEC
DE = German keyboard + Euro IEC
NL = Dutch keyboard + Euro IEC
NO = Norwegian keyboard + Euro IEC
CH = Swiss keyboard + Euro IEC
RU = Russia keyboard + Euro IEC
CN = Chinese keyboard +USA IEC
JP = Japanese keyboard + USA IEC
FR = French keyboard + Euro IEC

Additional Accessories

CAM: Computer Access Modules:
CATX-PS2 (PS/2 only)
CATX-SUNA (Sun plus audio)


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