Adder ALPV154T

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Adder ALPV154T

This digital signage extender is possibly the easiest to install point-to-point extender available today. By transmitting the power to the receiver via the cable it removes the need for extra power supplies and sockets at the screen.

A 4-way transmitter is available for point-to-multipoint transmission.


Produkt funksjoner: 

Video performance: Full HD 1080p, 1080i & 720p, Distances up to 150m (500ft)

Line power for simplicity: To help reduce cable clutter, the ADDERLink LPV150 has been designed to be powered by a USB port on your computer. Furthermore, this power is also transmitted alongside the video over the CATx cable, in turn powering your receiver unit.

4-way transmitter for point-to-multipoint: The ALPV154T is able to take the same HD input and send it to 4 different screens connected via the ALPV150R receivers. There is a feed through port on the unit to allow a local display or you can cascade another ALAV154T so you can supply 8 screens.

Video sharpness adjustment : The remote module has a video adjustment screw to control picture sharpness on the display screen.

Absolute simplicity : Getting into professional digital signage has never been so easy. Simply plug the transmitter’s VGA port into your computer and plug in the USB port, then plug the receiver unit into your screen. Finally, connect the two units together with a length of CATx cable, and you’re finished. Now start delivering your message to customers, clients, staff or whoever you wish.

Advanced EDID cloning: The ADDERLink LPV enables the user to clone the EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) from a display or use a default EDID. This approach enables the widest possible compatibility whilst also providing a plug and play experience for most applications.

Rack mountable: The LPV154T units are rack mountable at high density using the AdderLink rack mount chassis.

Fit and forget : Adder digital signage products are the professional choice because they give you the ability to deliver, fit and forget installations. The LPV is no exception.



Video Resolution: Maximum of 1920×1200@60Hz

Extension Distance: 150 meters at 1920 x1080@60Hz

Max cable skew allowed: 25ns over maximum cable length. Recommend low skew cables over 50 meters (see manual)

O/S Compatibility: Operating system independent

Connectors: USB Type A ,15 pin VGA and one RJ45 port. (ALPV150P) 2 x 15 pin VGA, 4 x RJ45, 1 x power, 1 x 4P4C RS232. (ALPV154T)

Power: LPV 150P USB powered (Max 500mA @5V), LPV154T 5V @ 2.5A, power unit provided


High impact injection moulding 45mm (w), 63 mm (l), 21mm (d) – excluding cables
High impact injection moulding 45mm (w), 63 mm (l), 21mm (d) – excluding cables

ALPV154T : Steel enclosure: 100mm (w), 100 mm (l), 25mm (d)

Operating temperature: 0-40 deg C

Approvals: CE, FCC

Optional Accessories:

ALPV150R: Adder line powered VGA Extender receiver unit;
ALAV-RMK-FASCIA: Rack mount fascia plate;
ALAV-RMK-CHASSIS: 19″ rack mount chassis


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