Sony HDC-F5500/4K

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Super 35-mm 4K CMOS Camera System

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Sony HDC-F5500/4K

Sony HDC-F5500/4K, spesifikasjon:


Create sensational viewing experiences
The HDC-F5500 4K system camera captures cinematic pictures with a shallow depth of field, bringing the thrill of music and other live events even closer to viewing audiences.

Super 35-mm 4K CMOS sensor and global shutter
At the heart of this camera system is Sony’s Super 35-mm 4K CMOS sensor. Bringing new creative possibilities to live production, the HDC camera series, this large sensor achieves high sensitivity with an impressive signal-to-noise ratio. It’s teamed with proven global shutter technology to capture stable, precise 4K (UHD) images even with fast-moving subjects: ideal for sport and live entertainment productions involving LED displays and laser beams.

Motorized eight-step ND filter
Built into the camera’s rugged chassis, the eight-step optical Neutral Density filter offers a wide ND range of 0.3 (1/2 = 1 stop) to 2.4 (1/256 = 8 stops) in 0.3‑stop increments, allowing precise control of the amount of light entering the camera for enhanced creative expression. The ND Filters can be controlled locally or remotely, offering a choice of workflow in fast-moving live environments.

New viewfinder slide mechanism
Operability is enhanced with a unique new viewfinder slide mechanism that minimizes the camera operator’s body movements while panning. Sliding the viewfinder closer to the axis of tripod rotation reduces the viewing angle change for the operator. This allows use in tight environments such as tracked dollys, stadium platforms, and scaffolding.

Rich focus assist functions
Three focus positions can be assigned to preset buttons, making it quick and easy to find preset focal positions during live shooting.

Ergonomic grip
It’s easy to grip the handle even with gloves on. And visibility through this area has improved. In addition, the ergonomically designed handle enables stable handling of the camera—use your index finger to tightly hold this part of the camera.

Side tally lamp
The side-mounted LED tally lamp next to the camera number improves visibility of tally status.

ARIA (Automatic Restoration of Illumination Attenuation)
F drop and peripheral light-loss are unwanted physical phenomena that often occur when shooting objects from a long distance away. With the newly developed ARIA function found in our HDC series cameras, the impact on picture appearance is automatically compensated for with the processing inside the camera when using a supported lens.

Web menu control
The menu of the optional HDCU-5500 Camera Control Unit can be accessed remotely via an intuitive web browser interface, allowing integrated monitoring of optical levels and CCU status of multiple devices from a single PC. It also offers other useful functions, such as the CCU file for preparation.


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