Skaarhoj RCP-V2.0-FE-ROLLER-S

kr 31 160 eks. mva.



Skaarhoj RCPv2 – the world’s most flexible RCP just got better

Skaarhoj RCPv2 fits into your existing rack or sits console style on a table top. Use this universal RCP regardless of which camera brand you shade! With the motorized fader option you have the perfect multi camera RCP. Dedicated to scalability and a positive, unified user experience.

Super crisp window with large display tiles for settings
High-quality encoders with RGB backlight for function identification
Pressure and direction sensitive joystick pad
Camera ID display with OLED technology and RGB tally bar
Classic iris joystick (with master black ring and preview button) or motorized fader with display and LED bar
Preview button for GPI or control of video router
Four-way buttons with OLED legends for dynamic labeling and functionality
Fits in your existing OB van rack with a Sony RCP Form Factor (4″/102mm wide) or sits console style on table top
Ethernet with PoE (IEEE802.3af)
UniSketch OS

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