Panasonic AK-SHB800GJ

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Panasonic AK-SHB800GJ

Panasonic AK-SHB800GJ, spesifikasjon:


Single 8K ROI camera serves as four HD cameras to improve operational efficiency and reduce operating costs in live event and sports application. A multi-camera system can be configured by linking the cropping operations of multiple cameras. The wide-angle distortion correction function provides natural-looking crops.

Smart Studio Technology

  • Features an 8K full-size CMOS image sensor.
  • Up to four separate HD videos can be cropped from a high-resolution, wide-angle 8K image, and each cropped image can be panned, tilted and zoomed individually using recommended remote controllers.
  • Portrait, horizontal linking, vertical linking and 4-frame cross-linking (4K) cropping frame variations.
  • An automatic wide-angle distortion correction function removes, in real time, distortion of images cropped from the periphery, thus realizing natural-looking images.
  • Tally lamps (red or green frames in the corner of the cropping frames; see the diagram below.) can be displayed.
  • Up to eight 8K Multi Purpose Camera units can be linked for cropping a maximum of 32 different HD videos.
  • Compatible with the remote camera controller (AW-RP150GJ)*1. Pan, tilt or zoom the cropped frames using the joystick. You can also select the cropped frames.
  • The individual picture settings for each cropping area are possible using a Remote Operation Panel (optional, AK-HRP1000GJ*2).
  • Framing Control Software*3 features an easy-to-use GUI operation.
  • The compact, lightweight, Multi Purpose Camera allows space-saving, flexible setup at any desired angle.
  • PTZ Camera (AW-UE150W/K) can be linked to an 8K ROI camera to allow a single operator to shoot from multiple angles.

Four HD Videos Can Be Cropped from within An 8K Image
ROI stands for Region of Interest. An 8K ROI camera can be set with a maximum of four crop areas to obtain an HD image from each of the crop areas. Pan, tilt and zoom operations can be used on each crop area, so a single 8K ROI camera serves as four HD cameras. It improves acquisition efficiency in live and sports application. The 8K ROI camera contributes to the reduction of camera setup, relocation and transport costs. It also eliminates the need to take up audience seats for the setup of multiple cameras.

Linkage of Multi-camera/Multi-angle Crop Frames
A multiple of 8K Multi Purpose Camera units or PTZ Cameras (AW-UE150) (maximum of 8 units) can be connected and operated as one integrated system. By setting one crop area in the main frame and linking it to other crop areas, pan, tilt and zoom on the multiple crop images operate in link with the panning, tilting and zooming on the main frame. This improves operational efficiency in multi-camera/multi-angle recording or broadcasting.

Application Example of the 8K ROI Camera System (3 Cameras, Basketball Game Broadcasting)

When three 8K Multi Purpose Camera units are set up and two crop areas, close-up and long shot, are linked, the pan, tilt and zoom on all six crops operate in link with the operations performed on the main frame image.

Automatic Real-time Correction of Wide-angle Distortion
This function automatically corrects, in real time, wide-angle distortion of images cropped from the image periphery away from the center image. This results in natural-looking videos as if the camera images were individually panned or tilted.


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