Panasonic AJ-PX800GH – 2/3-type Shoulder-Type HD Camera

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Panasonic AJ-PX800GH – 2/3-type Shoulder-Type HD Camera-Recorder with Three Image Sensors

Panasonic AJ-PX800GH is world’s lightest 2/3 type shoulder-type HD camera-recorder with three image sensors revolutionizes news gathering with high mobility, superb picture quality and network functions.

Panasonic AJ-PX800GH is a new-generation camera-recorder for news gathering. It is network connectable and provides superb picture quality, high mobility and excellent cost performance. Weighing only about 2.8 kg (main unit), the AJ-PX800G is the world’s lightest shoulder-type camera-recorder equipped with three MOS image sensors for broadcasting applications. It also supports AVC-ULTRA multi-codec recording. The picture quality and recorded data rate can be selected from one of the AVC-ULTRA family of codec’s (AVC-Intra/AVC-LongG) according to the application. Along with a Low-rate AVC-Proxy dual-codec recording ideal for network-based operation and off-line editing. Built-in network functions support wired LAN, wireless LAN and 4G/LTE network connections, enabling on-site preview, uploading data to a server and streaming. Panasonic AJ-PX800G is a single-package solution for virtually all broadcasting needs.

Ultra-high Speed
Innovating Workflows with Netwokrk Functions and AVC-ULTRA Codecs
Wired/Wireless LAN, 4G/LTE Network Functions
RTSP/RTMP/RTMPS-Compatible HD Streaming
Transferring Recorded Clips Automatically: Rec During Uploading Function
Linking with LiveU or TVU bonding services offers faster and more stable live streaming and FTP transfers
Direct Connection to The LiveU or TVU Video Uplink Solution

Ultra-light Weight
The 2/3 type Shoulder-type Model
2/3 type Interchangeable Lenses
High Sensitivity and Low Noise with 2/3 type 3MOS Image Sensors
High-Quality Image Processing and Versatile Image Settings
Professional Shooting Functions
Versatile Shooting Assist Functions

Ultra-high Quality
AVC-ULTRA Codec Supported as Standard
HD/SD Multi Format/Multi Codec
High-Quality 24 Bit Four Channel Audio Recording
Two Slots for Versatile Recording Option
HD SDI IN/OUT, HDMI OUT and Other Interfaces
Camera Remote System Compatibility
The P2 ROP App for Wireless Control using iPad

Innovating Workflows with Network Functions*1 and AVC-ULTRA Codec

Acquisition > Automatic Uploading

Recorded clips (proxy or actual files) are uploaded directly from the AJ-PX800G to a network. The new Rec During Upload function automatically uploads files to a network server in the background while recording.

Full-HD Streaming

On-air streaming (via the internet) is possible while recording mainstream video onto a memory card, using only the AJ-PX800G. This QoS (Quality of service) mode allows proxy images in Full-HD resolution to be streamed at a low bit rate by optimizing the bit rate to match the network condition.

Preview and Remote

Wireless connection is supported via a wireless LAN. Clips recorded by a PC/Mac, tablet device or smartphone can be previewed and metadata can be checked and edited. P2 ROP App for iPad is also provided for multifunctional camera remote operation.

Cloud Solution

Even smoother operation is possible by using a cloud service. Proxy files that are automatically uploaded to a cloud server can be edited (remote playlist editing) from a network, and only the necessary data can be sent from the AJ-PX800G to an ingest server.

Wired/Wireless LAN, 4G/LTE Network Functions*1

The standard LAN (Ethernet) port allows network connection via a wired LAN. When the optional AJ-WM30 Wireless Module is installed, the AJ-PX800G gains wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11g/n) connectivity, enabling access to the following functions from a network-connected PC/Mac, tablet device or smartphone. 4G/LTE connection is also possible.

Proxy Preview: Plays back proxy files (AVC-Proxy), downloads file/clip information, displays and allows editing of metadata, and enables addition/deletion of shot marks and text memos.*2
Camera Remote: Easy remote operation is possible from various devices by using a web app. The iPad app (available free of charge from the Apple App Store, P2 ROP) enables multifunctional remote operation equivalent to ECU.
Playlist Editing: Playlists can be created using proxy video with a PC/Mac or tablet. The workflow can be streamlined to be faster by rough editing on location, and then transferring the content files.
File Transfer: When connected via wired/wireless LAN or 4G/LTE, the FTP client function lets you transfer clips from the camera recorder to a network. Recording and playback are possible during file transfer.

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