Panasonic AG-UX180EJ8

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The Grass Valley LDX 86N 4K gives you traditional native HD/3G acquisition, as well as native 4K UHD (3840x2160p50/59.94) capture. Plus you get the ability to upgrade to LDX 86N Universe functionality with 6X HD and 3X HD/3G high frame rate capture on a 1-day, 7-day or perpetual basis. XDR — Extended Dynamic Range — operation (HDR with up to 15 F-stops or >800% of regular cameras) is available for all 50/59.94 Hz formats offering a new level of viewer experience. You also get extended color gamut supporting ITU-R BT.2020.

For Grass Valley LDX camera guide and related products for remote / at-home production go here.

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Panasonic introduces the 4K camcorder UX series to meet professional 4K video production needs. Panasonic AG-UX180EJ8 is the premium model with professional functions and specifications for high-end users.

This model is equipped with a newly designed compact lens featuring a wide 24mm angle and 20x optical zoom as well as a 1.0-type (effective size) high-sensitivity MOS sensor. Its evolved Optical Image Stabilizer (O.I.S.) and intelligent AF function suitable for professional camera work.
Panasonic AG-UX180EJ8 supports 4K 24p, UHD 60p/50p, FHD 60p/50p multi-format recording and HD super slow-motion. Two SD memory card slots*4 are provided to enable relay/simultaneous/ backup recording for enhanced reliability, and also support UHD/FHD*5 dual codec recording for a more efficient workflow. The controls of the AG-UX180, such as the manual three rings and user button, as well as interfaces, such as 3G-SDI/HDMI and XLR input, are engineered to meet the needs of professional video recording. Offering the same level of agility and mobility as the conventional HD handheld camcorder, the AG-UX180 provides powerful support for high-image-quality 4K video production.

High Image Quality
4-Drive Lens System
Industry’s Widest Angle of 24 mm
World’s First 20x Optical Zoom in a Camcorder with 1.0-type Sensor
Intelligent Zoom for Maximum 30x Zoom in Super-High Resolution
Manual Three Rings
Digital Zoom (2x, 5x or 10x)
Advanced Optical Image Stabilizer [4K/UHD/FHD]
5-Axis Hybrid Image Stabilizer [FHD]
Intelligent Auto Focus Offering High Speed, Excellent Tracking Performance and Stability
Custom AF Function for Adjustment of AF Speed, Tracking Sensitivity and Area Settings
Focus Assist (Expand and Peaking)
One-Push AF
Manual Focus Assist
Focus Transition
Area Function

Recording Quality
High-Image-Quality, High-Sensitivity 1.0-type 4K Sensor
VFR (2 fps to 60 fps)/Super-Slow Motion (120 fps/100 fps)
IR (Infrared) Shooting in Dark Places
4K/UHD/FHD/SD Multi-Format Recording
Double SD Memory Card Slots
UHD/FHD Dual Codec Recording
Other Recording Functions
16-Axis Independent Color Correction Function
Skin Detail
Master Detail
8-Mode Gamma
Scene Files
Scene File Setting Items
Other Professional Picture Quality Settings
User Buttons
Sliding 3.5-type Touch-panel LCD
High-Resolution OLED EVF
ND Filters, Gain, White Balance
LCD/EVF Displays That Assist Shooting

Excellent Operability
3G-SDI for connecting to an External 1080/60p, 1080/50p Recorder
HDMI Output and Video/Audio Output
16-Bit PCM for High-Sound-Quality Professional Audio Recording
TC Synchro Multi-Camera Recording Supported
Wireless Remote Control from an iPad
Wired Remote
Large-Capacity Battery Options

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