NewTek TriCaster 2 Elite

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IP based digital media production solution



NewTek TriCaster 2 Elite


NewTek TriCaster 2 Elite merges NewTek’s proven software-driven live production approach with power, efficiency, and flexibility – enabling you to create for all types of digital media programs and platforms.

TriCaster 2 Elite is not only a premium live production system for television, but the extensible hub of your entire digital media production environment.

  • Easily cross the lines between television, Internet, and mobile content
  • Transform content into a wide array of formats, resolutions, aspect ratios, and frame rates
  • Free storytelling from the limits imposed by conventional production methodologies and technologies
  • Bring to life workflows of unprecedented scale and scope.
  • Readily access all the sources, destinations, and media assets from any location on the network
  • Connect, communicate, process, and share media across the network using innovative NDI® technology

TriCaster 2 Elite is the most transformative digital media production solution in the industry. Designed for content creators that require a future-ready production ecosystem that grows with their business, TriCaster 2 Elite provides media input-output flexibility to address the needs of media content producers beyond just broadcast video.

No other solution enables digital media workflows of the scale and scope of NewTek TriCaster 2 Elite. The agile software driven IP native technology and functionality provides the capability, connectivity, and control needed to take on any sort of digital media production. With flexible implementation, a more complete set of capabilities, and a unique capacity for distributed production. TriCaster 2 Elite removes the traditional boundaries of media formats, I/O, channels, and delivery.

Produktlansering fra NewTek med TriCaster 2 Elite

Complete Digital Media Production

Produce digital media content with multi-channel recording, multi-channel remote guest conferencing, upload of clips, multi-angle instant replay functionality, packaging of media content including multi-cam acquisition, compositing of sophisticated static and animated graphics, multimedia and visual effects, advanced audio processing, input and output of video in non-standard aspect ratios, frame rates, and resolutions for any platform and destination. Deliver with up to 8 3G or 2 UHD configurable mix outputs.

Limitless IP Processing

NDI® video, audio and data transmission over IP with near-zero latency and instant access to and seamless interchange with essentially unlimited IP sources from anywhere across the network in real time. Linking of multiple locations over IP to create sophisticated multi-system, multi-site workflows. Support for up to 32 video input sources and up to 48 output signals over IP, all independently configurable through software.

Interconnected Production

Inputs, outputs, and media assets are readily available and accessible by any user in any location on the network. Unrivaled, scalable capabilities include multi-source video processing, advanced audio, multimedia and visual effects, graphics integration, and multi-platform delivery output. Run shows using NewTek Live Story Creator production automation based on Microsoft Word® documents using teleprompter control with TriCaster 2 Elite mixing and effects together with LiveGraphics. Deploy pushbutton automation using NewTek LivePanel™ for creation of software-based custom control panels to operate TriCaster 2 Elite from a desktop or mobile device- anywhere on the network.

Distributed Operation

Use NDI® technology to move video, audio, and data from one TriCaster 2 Elite system to another. Encompass all compatible systems, devices, and applications available to the network. Communicate with other systems and compatible edge devices over IP and become accessible for operation from any location on your network—even from multiple remote locations.

NewTek TriCaster 2 Key benefits

Rise to the challenges of today’s productions and tomorrow’s demands, advancing your workflow with the most real-time, integrated capabilities of any digital media production solution.

Unmatched Integration

  • Conference more remote callers into productions with multiple channels using Microsoft SkypeTM, Microsoft TeamsTM, Zoom MeetingsTM, GoToMeetingTM, DiscordTM, and TencentTM
  • Robust multi-format processing and per-channel frame synchronizers for effortless intermixing of formats, resolutions, and frame rates
  • Sophisticated macro automation system with versatile control interface compatibility Intuitive, software-based audio mixer accommodating digital, analog and network audio, including Dante*, and AES67*
  • Extended video mixing and delivery

* Dante and AES67 require compatible virtual sound card licenses (sold separately)

Endlessly Creative

  • Full-motion composition engine integrated into every production bus for advanced DVE motion sequences and animated effects
  • Incredibly clean, comprehensive keying of all sources and M/Es with LiveMatteTM chromakeying technology
  • Show-stopping live virtual sets and show-stealing augmented reality elements via integrated LiveSetTM technology
  • Rich, multi-channel titling and graphics system, with support for automated data insertion and real-time animated overlays

Epic Scale

  • Scalable, multi-source live video mixing of up 60 source channels, each supporting key and fill, including up to 48 simultaneous external outputs
  • Flexible, multi-destination delivery with multi-format video outputs, including 8 configurable mix outputs in HD or 2 in UHD delivered simultaneously over IP and SDI.
  • Powerful, multi-bus mix effects with eight M/E busses, plus PREVIZ configuration and preview bus, all supporting zero-latency video re-entry
  • Superior stored media playback capabilities, with multiple real-time multimedia players supporting an array of file formats
  • Comprehensive audio integration, including 16 external audio mixer inputs, each supporting 8- channel audio and multi-channel routing to four audio mix outputs
  • Fully integrated quad-head multiviewer functionality, with dedicated monitor ports, configurable workspaces, and customizable windows

Advanced IP

  • Native integration of NDI®, NewTek’s innovative Network Device Interface technology, supporting video, audio and data transmission over IP with near-zero latency
  • Support for up to 32 external inputs in resolutions up to UHD 60p with alpha channel, and up to 48 output signals over IP, all independently configurable through software
  • Instant access to and seamless interchange with essentially unlimited IP sources from anywhere across your network in real time
  • Prolific IP-based workflow supporting integration with products from hundreds of manufacturers and developers, and compatibility with other IP standards to include SMPTE ST 2110

Specifications subject to change without notice. See more features description and technical specification from NewTek

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