LiveU LU200-ENC

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The Versatile, Cost-Effective Video Encoder

The LU200e is the most cost-effective contribution video encoder on the market, enabling streaming for web distribution, point to point, and point to multi-point for a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

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The LU200e includes LiveU’s proven reliable streaming with forward error correction at no extra cost, providing the highest quality and lowest latency video even over unreliable networks such as the public internet. The LU200e also has built-in, fully enabled bonding, and allows the use of multiple network paths to increase the available throughput from remote locations.


The LU200e makes it simple to produce a livestreamed concert, club promotion or sporting event.

  • For breaking news broadcasters can connect the LU200e to BGAN in the field or connect the LU200e in the studio.
  • For sports as a camera encoder for venue camera wherever you want in the field.
  • For Entertainment covering shows, concerts and night clubs – produce your live music shows!


The LU200e is built with the patented LiveU technology that our customers know and trust, making it simple to seamlessly integrate this versatile video encoder into their existing production workflow.

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