Kiloview DC230 Video/IP Camera Decoder

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4CH H.264 Video Decoder

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Kiloview DC230 Video/IP Camera Decoder

Kiloview DC230 Video/IP Camera Decoder, spesifikasjon:


Kiloview DC230 H.264 video decoder is a professional HD audio and video decoding device with powerful functionality. It decodes from both encoder and IP camera. It accepts 4 channels of video streaming (SRT, RTSP, RTMP, or RTP) and outputs SDI/DVI-I (HDMI compatable).

4 CH Video Decoding Simultaneously

DC230 supports simultaneous decoding and output of 4 network streams, and you can select 1/2/3/4 channels of video decoding and output on the screen flexibly.

Multiple Protocols Supported

Kiloview DC230 supports decoding of SRT video stream and RTMP, HLS, TS over UDP, RTP, RTSP and other mainstream network protocols like NDI|HX 2, which greatly ensures your video production experience.

Low Latency and High Quality

Adopting intelligent delay control technology, it can achieve a decoding delay of less than 200ms;

FPGA processing + H.264 algorithm optimization is used to resist 10% network packet loss, ensuring clear, smooth, and high color reproduction;

RTMP Server Supported

With the built-in RMTP server, the encoder can directly transmit the video source to Kiloview DC230 without a third party RTMP platform. It greatly makes your video transmission easier and safer.

SDI+DVI(HDMI Compatible) Dual Output

SDI and DVI(HDMI compatible) output content can be either the same or not. None of a source stream and neither interface should be failed.

Free Layout of Your Output

The output display can be either a grid or in your display style such as split-screen and picture-in-picture, dynamic selection of 1/2/3/4/split display. The video bitrate and resolution can be 100% customized also.

16 Preview + 4 Output

DC230 supports “preview + output” mode, in which you can preview 16 real-time video streams on the web console, and select 4 of them to display on the screen for output simultaneously.

This feature can also be used for tally control (PVW/PGM).

Real-time Intercom

Both embedded and analog audio encoding are supported. What’s more, with Kiloview voice intercom software (optional), it can realize multi-party voice intercom function.

Free Overlaying Style

Kiloview DC230 benefits you from a background subject with LOGO and OSD overlay. And the preview terminal can sync the customized information.


DC230 can be applied in TV programming, Lecture capture, Online courses, Distance learning, Course recording, Broadcast meetings, Web training, and so on.

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