IDX Imicro-150 / 2x Imicro-150 Battery

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IDX IM-150/2X (IM150/2X) 2 x Imicro-150 Battery, 1 x VL-2X Charger with 4 pin XLR DC Output (36W)

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IDX IM-150/2X (IM150/2X) 2 x Imicro-150 Battery, 1 x VL-2X Charger with 4 pin XLR DC Output (36W)

IDX Imicro-150 is the smallest battery pack in the world at this capacity. Rated at 145Wh, the Imicro-150 meets the passenger aircraft carry-on limit while remaining useful in many diverse applications. The Imicro’s size is beneficial for users with small equipment and gimbal set ups. The Imicro-150 also includes two on-battery D-Tap outputs, V-Torch LED for use in dark environments and SMBus to display battery info via viewfinder on cameras such as ARRI and RED. Future accessories will make the Imicro Series your new go-to setup.
*Compatible with VL-DT1 for D-Tap charging

IDX IM-150/2X Key Features
High-grade lithium-ion cells
Compact form factor
145Wh capacity
Supports up to 14A loads
100W D-Tap Advanced output (unregulated) for accessories and charging
100W D-Tap output (unregulated)
5-LED power indicator
Battery circuit protection
11V auto cutoff prevents overdischarging (while a load is applied)
Compatible with all Endura V-mount chargers

IDX IM-150/2X

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