IDX CW-7 Uncompressed Wireless HD/SD-SDI Transmission System

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The new and improved IDX CW-7, uncompressed wireless HD-SDI transmission system delivers superior image quality up to 100m, while maintaining a zero frame delay. Perfect for outdoor or indoor productions, the IDX CW-7 wirelessly transmits HD video and audio from a professional camera to a monitor. Event, television, and film productions can save time on prep by eliminating long cable runs from the camera to video village or display. Dynamic Frequency Selection allows IDX CW-7 to operate on less crowded channels within the license exempt 5GHz spectrum.

IDX CW-7 Features

Uncompressed Wireless HD-SDI Type system for HD & SD Video
Zero frame delay; less than 1ms latency
Transmit HD video as far as 100m (distance may vary depending on environment)
Mult-cast capable: One Transmitter can transmit to multiple Receivers(A maximum of four Transmitters can transmit to an unlimited amount of Receivers)
System utilizes WHDI (MIMO/OFDM) technology
Operates on Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) channels (less congested frequencies) on 5GHz frequency band for optimal performance in addition to 4 manually selectable channels
Uses integrated V-Mount for camera and battery connection; fully compatible with IDX ENDURA series batteries.
Two channels of embedded audio for stereo monitoring
YCbCr 4:2:2 10-bit color spacing
TX features loop-through functionality(SDI-In + SDI-Out); RX has dual simultaneous SDI outputs
3/8 screw hole on TX and RX for flexible mounting.
Conforms to major technical & environmental standards including FCC, CE, MIC (TELEC) and RoHS specifications

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