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Interchangeable Lens Camera
DATAVIDEO BC-100 is an interchangeable lens camera with a FullHD CMOS sensor. By using Live HDR, 3D noise reduction and 12 bit capturing, this camera can obtain impeccable looking video even in challenging lighting conditions. The MFT lens mount ensures you of a vast array of lenses made by world famous optics manufacturers such as Zeiss, Sony, Olympus and Leica. BC-100 is controlled by an app on your smartphone or tablet or by using the MCU-400 hardware control panel. BC-100 also features an Ethernet connection to ensure network operability when using your own integrated system.

Stunning Full HD resolution
DATAVIDEO BC-100 features 4/3» CMOS sensor with 1080p full HD resolution. BC-100 can capture video in various formats: 1080p24/25/29.97/50/59.94 giving you the smoothest looking video while conforming to all international standards.

High dynamic range and 3D noise reduction
DATAVIDEO BC-100 uses HDR technology to capture a wide dynamic range. Live HDR gives you compelling images while using darkness and light as assets. 3D noise reduction will reduce grain when using the BC-100 in challenging lighting conditions, making this camera exceptionally suited for use in theatres and concert venues.

12-bit processing
DATAVIDEO BC-100 captures more colour information in 12 bit 4:4:4, giving you an image that contains all the colour information available on a digital sensor. This ensures you of better colour grading results in post-production and makes the BC-100 perfect for use in chromakey setups.

MFT lens mount
The MFT mount is ready for lenses made by industry leading manufacturers such as Zeiss, Sony, Olympus and Leica. Depending on your needs you can mount lenses that can capture the complete scene in a single shot or you could use a zoom lens to create compelling close ups. BC-100 is also compatible with lens converters to grant you access to an even bigger array of lenses.

Tally Light
A tally light ensures the host or talent of knowing which camera is active. The green light notifies the talent that that camera is up next while the red tally notifies the current on air camera. BC-100 is compatible with all Datavideo switchers that have a tally output on the back side.

Controlling the BC-100
Controlling the BC-100 can be done in multiple ways. This intuitively designed app will show you a live streaming viewfinder and control over all the individual camera parameters. This control setup is best when using a single BC-100 in your setup. You can connect to your smartphone over Wi-Fi or using a USB cable.

When using more cameras in a professional setup the MCU-400 is the control station you need. This 19” rack mounted control panel shows you all parameters on a clear OLED panel while hardware buttons control all settings. If you want to integrate BC-100 in a system you can choose to control BC-100 over RS-232/422 or over DVIP. The control sets are available in the download section

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